About Reptile Rescue



Founded in 1999, Reptile Rescue is an incorporated charity that coordinates the relocation of errant snakes throughout Tasmania. The organization is manned by volunteers and amateur herpetologists, and is reliant on charitable donations and private funding to maintain service to the community.

The Executive is made up of individuals with an interest in herpetology and animal welfare. These positions are honorary and by invitation only.

Field operatives are trained and register as contractors with Reptile Rescue. Reptile Rescue covers the cost of liability and personal injury insurance. The operatives are responsible for the purchase and costs of their own equipment and transport, so the donations from our clients are important to help recover the volunteers costs and the running of the organisation. Without this, our volunteers and organisation would not be able to continue providing our services.

Reptile Rescue coordinates the safe removal of snakes between client and a volunteer field operative. After the initial contact the operative deals directly with the client. All call out operatives are trained to safely manage venomous snakes, including snakebite first aid, and provide appropriate advice.

A minimum $50 donation may apply to snake call outs to cover the volunteer's out of pocket expenses (this will be discussed prior to the volunteer being dispatched) Reptile Rescue receives no fees for service. The volunteer field operatives are however required to respond to urgent snake calls regardless of whether or not the client chooses to pay. This may be negotiated between the client and dispatcher or volunteer. Clients who are unable to afford this fee, or are on pensions/concessions may receive discounted or waived fees. Higher fees may apply to businesses and Government organisations. For non urgent snake calls, such as searches for snakes that are no longer in sight, were sighted on a previous day, or where the client is unsure about the presence of a snake, higher fees will apply, dependant on the distance the volunteer will need to travel, and the time required to be spent on the job. This will usually be discussed and agreed upon prior to the volunteer being dispatched on the job.

Some Council and Park Rangers attend calls at no cost to the community. 

The organisation runs training seminars/courses for individuals who are 'Ophidiophobic" (fearful of snakes) and new recruits. The course is certified and run by Reptile Rescue trainers and assessors and by Adult Education in Tasmania.