Reptile Rescue Incorporated is a not for profit organisation specialising in the relocation of errant snakes, education and awareness regarding Tasmanian reptiles, and advice on living in areas where snakes inhabit. For all snake related emergencies, advice, enquiries or bookings in Tasmania, please call (03) 6165 1400. In the event of a snake bite, apply a pressure immobilisation bandage and call 000 immediately.


Removal of Errant Snakes

Reptile Rescue has a number of volunteers situated around Tasmania, who we call on to relocate errant snakes from all areas around the state. A minimum $50 fee will apply, to cover our volunteers costs for travel, equipment and training. Please call: (03) 61651400 for assistance.


Venomous Snake Management Courses

Reptile Rescue runs courses around the state in the Safe Management and Handling of venomous snakes, including snake bite first aid. If you would like to attend a course, please email, or call (03) 61651400. 


Live Snake Displays

Reptile Rescue are committed to educating the public and raising awareness about Tasmanian Reptiles and how to safely live or work in areas where snakes may be present. To book a show, display or educational talk, please email or call (03) 61651400.